Your Guide To Loading A Dishwasher


When trying to figure out the ideal way to load your dishwasher, many people are divided into two categories. The first is the type of people that have set rules on how everything should be loaded from glasses, coffee mugs, to butter knives, while others just position the items at random into the dishwasher.

Here are a few tips you can use to establish a better way to load your dishwasher

How To Load Your Dishwasher 101

There are a couple of basics that you need to consider when it comes to learning how to load your dishwasher.

Each dishwasher brand comes with different internal workings and racks, which means each machine will have a loading pattern that is unique. Consult with the instructions from the manufacturer on the best way to load the machine to ensure that you are achieving effective cleaning.

First, pre-rinse the dishes that have been sitting inside the machine for a few hours before running the cycle.

Certain items such as cookware made from cast iron should not be washed in a dishwasher. It is also important to know about the dishwasher taboos before you start up the machine by reading over Look Before You Load: What Not To Put In The Dishwasher.

Avoid stacking your dishes as this will stop the sprayer from reaching everywhere.

The plastic items need to be secured, to stop them from knocking over. If these items are not secured they may come in contact with the dishwashers element where they will melt.

Do not overcrowd the machine, as your dishes will not be washed effectively and it can result in broken dishes.

How To Load Silverware Into A Dishwasher

You might be thinking that there is not much to loading your silverware into the machine. But there is a technique to it.

Mix up your knives, spoons, and forks, to stop these pieces from nesting.

Load your utensil like spoons and forks, with the handles facing downwards.

Your knives need to be loaded with the handle facing upwards to prevent stabbing or cutting yourself.

Keep your stainless steel and silver-plated utensils separate which will stop your silver from becoming scratched and damaged.

Tips On How To Load Large Items

It is a common fact that the larger dishes such as baking sheets that are dishwasher safe, casserole dishes and plates, along with mixing bowls are only loaded in machine’s bottom rack. Yet here are a few things to keep in mind.

Ensure that these items are placed towards the back and sides of the bottom rack, which allows for more even water circulation.

Face the dirty side of these dishes towards the sprayer.

Large items need to be spaced out so that they can be cleaned properly.

Don’t make the assumption that items that are large or metal are dishwasher safe. Most of the non-stick pans and pots need to be hand washed, which is why it is important to check over the instructions for care.

Loading Small Items Into Your Dishwasher

The top rack in a dishwasher is dedicated to smaller items, like glasses, small bowls, and coffee mugs. We have a few additional tips to assist you in making the most from every dishwashing cycle.

Place your items between each tine in the rack, rather than over them in order to stop water spots.

Mugs and cups should be loaded at angles, making sure the inside of these items face the sprayer, this will reduce pooling.

When you unload the machine start with the bottom to prevent any water which has collected in the mugs or cups from splashing onto your clean dishes.

Rather handwash your wine glasses, as the delicate stems and globes are easy to break.

Only load plastic containers that are dishwasher safe along with any other type of plastic items into the top-rack. Make sure you keep them away from the machine’s heating element to stop buckling and warping.

With this information, you can now load your machine properly. You may also want to know more about keeping your dishwasher functioning properly. Here we will give you tips on ways to clean this appliance to make sure your bowls and plates always come out shiny and clean with: Tips and Tricks – What Is The Best Way To Clean A Dishwasher?

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