Window Air Conditioner Cleaning


Finally, Summer brings with it long days as well as high temperature. This is a season where people spend swimming. However, it is not every day a person will go swimming, and one has to look for alternative ways to keep themselves cool. This is where AC comes in. Before the season gets even hotter, it is wise to prepare, and one way to achieve this is by maintaining and cleaning your window air conditioner.

Clean Your Window AC After Storage

The chances are that your window AC is covered with Dust and cobwebs due to storage. Also, you do not want the dust blowing all over your home. For this reason, you should consider taking your AC outside to clean. In this stage, you can use a piece of cloth and clean water to get rid of the dirt and debris. You should also pop out the front grill and wipe it.

How to Clean Window Air Conditioner Unit Filter

ACs work hard, especially during summer. However, if you notice that your Ac is not performing as it should be or not blasting cool air, the problem might be with your air filter. In other words, the chances are that you have forgotten to clean and maybe replace the filter.

A filter should be cleaned at least ones every month, and those with non-reusable filters should consider replacing them at least once after every three months. If you or your family member suffers from allergies, then you should consider cleaning the filter regularly.

The good news is that cleaning a window air conditioner filter is very easy; you will need:

• Dish soap\ • A vacuum cleaner\ • A sponge\ • Warm water\ • An old clean towel

Cleaning Instruction

The first step is to remove the filter and then use the vacuum cleaner to remove debris and dust. The next step is to combine warm water and soap dish and clean it. It is wise to use a sponge to remove any dirt that is clinging. Then run the filter under your tap until it is thoroughly clean. Using the dry towel, dry the filter completely, and then reinstall it into the AC.

Cleaning The Coils and Fins

Never forget to clean the coils and its fins. You should know that many units have two sets of coils. The condenser coils are located at the back of the AC, and the evaporator is located underneath the filter. Do not take my word for it; consult your manufacturer’s guide or research online.

You will Need:

• An Old Toothbrush\ • A vacuum cleaner, with a brush attachment


The first step is to vacuum the coils and its fins with the vacuum cleaner to remove any loose debris. Then use the old toothbrush to remove stubborn debris.

Coil fins are metal sheets that are mainly found at the back of the unit layered along. These fins are delicate and can affect airflow when bent. Investing in a fin comb is a great idea. The tool can be found in any store, including hardware stores.

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