Tips For Cleaning That Gap Between Your Stove


That gap between the stove and countertops is somewhat a magnet for food crumbs and small grains that are within a few inches of that opening. When you are cooking or using the countertop, it seems that always is something that is drawn into that space. Over time, that gap becomes unsightly, yet it also proves to be a tough nut when trying to clean. But even this, it is not an impossible task. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Mind The Gap\ You need not worry about cleaning this culinary canyon if food crumbs and grain fall into it; you can avoid this for happening by covering up the space. You can resort any number of options for this, and you can find your need for your local home goods and hardware store or get creative with your DIY skills.
  2. Attack The Crack\ If the gap is filled with food crumbs, amongst other things, then you have no other choice but to clean it out. If not, then it will attract unwelcome pests and be the source of foul smells. How to clean the gap depends on how wide it is.

If it is narrow, you will need to use the tip of a knife to scrape the grime out. The blade of the knife should face away from you as you wedge it into the gap. Gently scrape out the debris, pulling them toward you. You then will need to take your kitchen countertop cleaner, spray a bit of it on a paper towel then push it into that space to wipe it clean. You can use a thin microfiber cloth if you have one. Check for any debris that may be left behind and repeat the process until the gap is free of the grime.

If it is a wide gap, then you can use a cloth to reach in to wipe and clean. You can have it around a yardstick, or a firm plastic spatula to that you can dig deep into the culinary canyon. If the crumbs are loose, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove them. You, however, should ensure the area is dry before you bring in this electrical appliance.

Go Where Few Dare To Venture

You should pull out your stove from its location once or twice a year so that you can clean the wall and where it stands. Use that opportunity even to clean the back of the stove and under the oven. It also creates room for you to have unhindered access so that you can get rid of any of the food crumbs that fell into the gap between the stove and the countertop.

Tips For Trying To Clean Behind The Stove: Exercise caution when moving the stove so that you do not damage its electric cord or the gas hose, depending on which kind of stove you have in your kitchen. Get some extra hand to help you move it if it is too large of an appliance to lift by yourself. You do not want to sustain injuries. The extra hands will also aid in avoiding scratching the floor or denting the corners and stands of the stove.

If you know how to clean that space between your stove and the kitchen countertop, how about learning how to clean other hard-to-reach places in your kitchen or other parts of your house?

But if you find that lack the time to adequately give your home the TLC it needs, then enlist the services of professional house cleaners to help ease the burden of some of your routine chores.

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