Things You Should Never Put In Your Dishwasher


If you enjoy cooking, you could surely use a dishwasher. This appliance can make your life easier, regardless of the size of your family. While most kitchen utensils can safely go into a dishwasher, there are some that should never get in there. But how can you know whether cookware is dishwasher safe if there’s no label on it to tell you?

This article lists a few items that you should never put in your dishwasher, in order for you to worry less about ruining your favorite chef’s knife or high-quality skillet.

Can Copper Pots Go In The Dishwasher?

No, they can’t. Many people prefer copper cookware, because this metal is an excellent heat conductor. At the same time, copper cookware has a stylish and appealing look. Nonetheless, by putting your copper pots and pans in the dishwasher, you risk to shorten their lifespan and to spoil their beauty. The main problem is that they become dull, as they lose their beautiful shine.

Can You Wash Stainless Steel Cookware In The Dishwasher?

There are contradictory opinions on this one. Apparently, stainless steel silverware and mixing bowls will be just fine. However, pots and pans made from, stainless steel should only be cleaned by hand. Since the safety of cleaning stainless steel items in the dishwasher is questionable, you may want to refrain from putting this kind of cookware in your dishwasher.

Can Cast Iron Skillets Go In The Dishwasher?

The answer is a big NO. There is even a saying that those who put their cast iron skillet into the dishwasher shouldn’t own one in the first place. Why? As cast iron is seasoned, you have to follow specific cleaning rules in order to avoid ruining this thin coating. A cast iron skilled without proper seasoning will become sticky. Furthermore, cast iron is prone to rusting, this being yet another reason why you should never clean it in the dishwasher.

What Other Items Aren’t Dishwasher Safe?

Believe it or not, there are other things that you should never put in your dishwasher, apart from the three materials mentioned above. We’ve put together a handy list of the most common kitchen utensils and cookware that should be washed by hand. Beware, though, this list is far from being the most comprehensive of all. When in doubt, you should always wash your item by hand, particularly if you are very fond of it.

Things not to put in your dishwasher:

– Any aluminum cookware

– Enameled cast iron items

– Crystal, gold-plated items, expensive glassware or China, and other family heirlooms

– High-quality knives

– Insulated mugs

– Non-stick items such as bakeware, pots, and pans

– Plastic bowls and containers or appliance parts made of plastic, unless the manufacturer specifies they are dishwasher safe

– Items made from wood such as cutting boards, and knives with wooden handles.

Now that you know what not to put in your dishwasher, you’ll hopefully enjoy your kitchen utensils for a very long time. But are you aware of the fact that your dishwasher also needs cleaning from time to time? Just check out our following dishwasher cleaning tips and advice, in order to make sure your appliance will serve you well for many years to come.

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