The Steps You Can Take to Get Your Sofa Clean


If you have a sofa in your home that is made of fabric, you probably enjoy sitting on it and relaxing because it feels so comfortable. Although it is a comfortable piece of furniture to have in the home, you may have realized it is a bit hard to keep the sofa as clean as you want it. Even if you take certain precautionary measures, you can still send up spilling something on your couch or getting something on it by accident. If something like this does happen, you would need to know how to clean it the right way.

Read the Sofa Manual

Your sofa likely came with a manual from the manufacturer. You should read the manual because it would likely include details on the cleansers you can safely use on the sofa without causing any damage to the fabric. You want to know what you can use to remove any unwanted stains and marks that are on your furniture.

Check Your Sofa Tags

If you bought the sofa from someone else and you do not have the manual, you do not need to worry too much. There is a very good chance that the tags are still attached to the sofa. You can usually find these tags on the bottom of the sofa. If you read them, you will know what type of material you are working with and then you can figure out which cleansers to use. You might even notice a letter on the tag that indicates what you can do to clean your sofa, such as W for water, S for solvent cleansers, and X for vacuum.

What to Do When Your Sofa Has Stains on It

When you have a sofa that has the X mark on the tag that is attached to it, you are going to want to take a handheld vacuum cleaner to the sofa to get it clean. When dealing with stains, you can follow the directions below, but you should only follow those directions if it is safe to use water and solvent-based cleansers on your furniture.

Start by vacuuming the sofa to pick up any crumbs or dirt that may be on it or even in between the cushions. After you have vacuumed it down to remove dust and dirt, you can begin wiping it down. Try using microfiber cloths because they are soft and gentle on the material. Instead of using a harsh cleanser, you can mix hot water with dish soap and vinegar to create a solution that is safe to use on the sofa. Dip your microfiber cloth into the solution and then begin blotting different sections of the couch.

You should avoid scrubbing hard when wiping down your sofa. You do not want to end up causing damage to it. When you have finished blotting the different areas of the sofa with the microfiber cloth, place a fan directly in front of the sofa to help with the drying process. Aside from this process, you might be able to safely use a steam cleaner on the sofa to get it looking good again.

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