The Revolutionary KonMari Method Of Folding Clothes


If you’re passionate about organizing and cleaning your home, you’ve probably heard about Marie Kondo and her highly effective methods of keeping a neat and clutter-free home. Marie is the author of one of the most revolutionary books about decluttering one’s personal living space. In addition to this best-seller, she has become famous for sharing her best tips on social media. The KonMari Method™ of folding clothes is one of these materials that have shattered the whole world.

Try to find out more about the organizational queen Marie Kondo, then come back here to learn her advice for storing various clothing items using the KonMari Method™ of folding.

Meet Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo, the world famous organizational consultant and best-selling author, was passionate about tidying up even from her childhood. By the age of 19 she started her first organizing consulting business. That was the first step toward today’s worldwide success.

Kondo writes mainly about simplifying your life by decluttering and organizing your space using her KonMari Method™. She shares useful tips for tidying, but she also urges people to eliminate clutter from their homes by taking one step back and evaluating which are their possessions that bring them joy.

How Is the KonMari Method™ Of Folding Different Than Other Techniques?

Everybody thinks they can organize their drawers, as this should be quite a simple task. However, it can actually be a big problem. What’s the ideal way to sort and arrange your clothes in order to avoid ending up with a huge pile of mess each and every time you need to pick something from your drawers?

Thanks to the KonMari Method™ of folding, you’ll overcome this problem. When you follow her method of folding, your clothes will stand upright as opposed to the traditional method of laying them flat. This will help prevent wrinkles while also allowing you to see all items in your drawers at a glance. When you stack them on top of each other, you only get to see the ones at the top of the pile. This is why you create a mess each time you need something from the bottom.

Folding Shirts Using the KonMari Method™

How would it feel to be able to open your t-shirt drawer and find what you want to wear almost instantly? Here’s how you can make this dream come true:

Lay your t-shirt down flat to start with.

Grab the shoulder and fold it in towards the center of the collar. Make sure that this fold goes through the entire length of the shirt.

Fold the sleeves starting from the midline toward the outer edges of the shirt.

Do one of the sides first and then move to the other side. Your shirt will now look like a big rectangle.

Grab the top of this rectangle and fold it downward. Make sure you leave about one inch of extra room at the bottom of the shirt.

Fold your shirt again in half from top to bottom and then repeat this step once more. Your folded shirt should stand upright when you place it on a flat surface.

Folding Underwear Using The KonMari Method™

Are you ready to learn how to organize your underwear drawer to make it look neat?

Place your underwear on a flat surface.

Fold it in half, starting from the crotch, toward the waistband.

Fold one of the sides in towards the innermost part of the opposite leg hole.

Repeat this step on the other side.

Fold the crotch again towards the waistband. Your underwear should now stand on its own when placed on a flat surface.

The KonMari Method™ of folding has many variations, so make sure you check them out on YouTube to choose the one that best suits you.

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