The Most Effective Cleaning Supplies


To help you get started on the right foot, at Maid Clan we have all the professional spring cleaning advice you will ever need, especially considering that it’s that time of the year again. To help you achieve your spring cleaning goals, we usually share a list of the best cleaning tools to use. We advocate for the use of some supplies over others, have you ever asked yourself why? Together with a short description of some tools that are commonly recommended against their alternatives, we also address this concern. The most viable options might turn out to be quite a surprise.

Microfiber Cloths Versus Sponges

It is best to avoid sponges as a whole given the fact that even the cleanest household sponges may turn out to be a hideout for germs, and we can never tell how dirty or clean they are as most of us do not own a microscope! Go with a microfiber cloth instead. These cloths are less likely to harbor germs since they are machine washable and dry quickly in addition to the fact that they clean surfaces better. Make sure that you wash the microfiber cloths before, and after spring cleaning, especially if you cannot remember when one was previously cleaned.   

Vacuum Machines Versus Brooms

Avoid using a broom simply because instead of collecting and cleaning out dirt and dust, they only kick it around. Bring out your vacuum machine and use it instead. Be sure to clean up the machine before you start using it. Since you purchased, it is highly likely that you are yet to replace the HEPA filter or cleaned the roller brush. The vacuum’s suction power may be affected by poor maintenance practices, decreasing its dirt and dust collection capabilities and leaving more than it should after every sweep.   

Floor Steamer Versus Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaners are best used for deep cleaning floors even though they claim t be great at almost everything. Steamers on the other hand can use heat to kill germs hidden in tile grout and other hard to reach places in addition to effectively removing stains off vinyl and ceramic tile flooring, making them one of your most powerful weapons in your spring cleaning collection of tools. Floor steamers might be your best means of getting rid of flu and cold related germs especially if your family just went through a tough flu and cold season.   

Disposable Toilet Wands Versus The Ever Present Toilet Brush

In any home, toilet brushes have the most unappealing cleaning duty. They usually carry all their dirt with them as they are paced back into their holders after use. Disposable toilet wands, especially those that have a built in cleaning solution are a more hygienic alternative. They offer better cleaning results thanks to their better texture, and always leave your toilet blemish free considering the fact that they are disposable, and therefore do not hold on to dirt from previous use.

Home Made Glass Cleaning Solution Versus Branded Products

You can use rubbing alcohol and vinegar to make highly effective homemade cleaning solutions instead of opting for costlier branded products and paper towels which often deliver sub-par cleaning results.

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Be sure to try out these domestic cleaning tips!

Make cleaning a habit

Come up with a plan

When it comes to the use of cleaning product, less is more!

Conduct cleaning n a regular basis

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