Six Tips To Better Closet Storage


Making your closet clutter-free is as easy as following a few simple organization ideas. Here are six quick tips on how to get cleaning underway. These tips should help you keep your closet neat and well-organized throughout the year.

Have a Solid Plan

It will be easier to handle spring cleaning if you make it a priority and have a good cleaning plan. Otherwise, you might find yourself not performing your duties if you continuously keep postponing your closet organization plans to the next week. The next thing you know, it is spring all over again, and your closet is still a mess.

Declutter Wardrobe Closets

Doing a bit of purging can help make the most of your closet’s storage space.

Start by going through your shoes and clothes and get rid of things you no longer wear. As a rule of thumb, either donate or toss out items you have not worn in over one year.

Light Up Your Closet Storage

In most cases, most closets are either dimly lit or not lit at all. When trying to keep your wardrobe organized, seeing what you are doing and looking for can be helpful, and a dimly lit closet isn’t that easy to rummage through.

If your closet’s light bulb burnt out years ago, replace it with a light bulb with a bright enough wattage. If it doesn’t have one, consider having it installed. Alternatively, you could add one – or two – adhesive LED touch lights. Good lighting will make it easier for you to see what is in your closet.

Take Advantage of Color Coding

Color coding is one organization idea that never gets outdated. While to some people it might look a bit like overkill, it is one idea that could save you a lot of stress and time when searching for clothes in your closet.

Use Space Wisely

Did you know that you can increase the storage space in your closet by making the most of your closet’s surfaces? If there is one mistake a lot of people make when it comes to closet organization, it is underutilizing floor, wall and shelf spaces. Here are a couple of closet organization ideas that will help you use your closet more effectively and efficiently:

  • Use the back of the closet door or wall space to hand scarves, neckties, purses, and jewelry
  • Add several shelves under hanging clothes or on the sides of your closet
  • Install an extra rod for hanging smaller items like shoes and shorts
  • Hang large items like suitcases over the closet’s door
  • Use clothes organizers on shelves to make the most of your closet space
  • Declutter your closet’s floors and install high shelves in regular rotation with collapsible step stool
  • Maximize on hanging space by cascading your clothes with a few add-on hangers

Maximize Your Space with Containers

Plastic containers are a great way of making the most of your space. You could use clear shoe containers in your closet to free up floor space. The great thing with using a shoe container is that you will no longer have to rummage through your closet’s bottom, trying to find a matching pair. You could also use a storage container in the linen closet to store guest towels or separate bedding sets when they are not in use.

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