Sink Overflow Hole - Function And Cleaning Tips


Have you ever taken time to check the back part of your bathroom sink? If you have, you should have noticed a small hole below the faucet and to the back of the sink bowl. It is referred to as the overflow hole. Most people don’t even know it exists and those who do rarely give it a second thought.

However, you need to know the functions of the sink’s overflow hole so you can keep the sink clean and clear. Here’s what you need to know about the overflow hole in your bathroom sink and how to clean it properly to avoid further issues.

What Is The Overflow Hole?

The main function of the overflow hole is to keep your sink from flooding. The hole diverts water thus giving you more time before the contents of your sink can spill over. It comes in handy if someone accidentally leaves the faucet turned on or in the event of a plumbing issue.

Tips For Keeping The Overflow Hole Clear

Now that you know the main function of the overflow hole, you need to know how to keep it clean and clear. Here are some of the things you need to keep the overflow hole clean.

• A pipe cleaner or a brush for cleaning your sink

• A funnel made out of silicone or any other material that can withstand the temperature of boiling water and doesn’t conduct heat.

• 2 or 3 quarts of boiling water

First, you should stick the brush or pipe cleaner into the overflow hole. Push the brush in or outside a few times to remove as much buildup or gunk as possible. Put the funnel into the overflow hole and pour the boiling water through the funnel slowly. It will remove or flush the remaining buildup. Repeat this procedure whenever necessary.

Tips For Cleaning The Overflow Hole If It Stinks

If there is any mold or mildew in the overflow hole, it will leave a nasty smell. Here are some of the things you need to clean it out.

• A cup of baking soda

• A cup of distilled white vinegar

• 2 quarts of boiling water

• A funnel made out of silicone or any material that doesn’t conduct heat and can withstand the temperature of boiling water.

Put the funnel into the overflow hole into your sink then pour the baking soda down into the funnel. Next, you can pour the vinegar slowly into the funnel and be prepared for a little fizz. Let the mixture stay there for about 15 minutes and let the substances work their magic. Now you can pour the boiling water into the funnel and let the odor clear out.

A Few Warnings

Make sure you wear protective gloves especially when handling vinegar and baking soda together. Also, when handling the hot water, you need to be careful of the steam or the hot water touching your skin since it might leave some blisters.

Once you’re done, your overflow hole should be clean, clear and there will be no nasty odors! Want Maid Clan to take care of your overflow hole?. You can call us with your questions and concerns.