School's Out - Tips To Keep Your Home Clean


Summer is already here! Your kids will be home all day and night hiding from the balmy weather. Once the season is done, your home will not be as sparkling as expected. Actually, most parents started wishing that their kids would go to school sooner. Here are some useful tips to keep your home cleaner during the summer season.

Transform The Outdoor Gardening Efforts Into Something Fun

Is your vegetable garden frying up because of the hot summer sun? If your backyard has started wearing out, you can ask your kids to help you remove the weeds. Actually, you can make it into an outdoor game. Give prizes to whoever picks out the most weeds within a certain duration. Those incentives such as ice cream will come in handy when you need them to handle more chores in your backyard.

Make Sure They Rinse Off After Playing In The Pool

The smell of chlorine after leaving the pool might be a bit nostalgic. However, if your kids come off the water directly on your couches or bed sheets, you will not feel so nostalgic after all. That’s because the chlorine leaves traces on all the furniture and bedding. Make sure your kids rinse off immediately after leaving the pool. That way, they can clear out the chlorine that might bring patches on your furniture.

Create A Special Summer Chore Chart

Yes, you may have a chore chart in place in your home or stored somewhere in the back of your closet. However, you can create an updated summer version. That way, your child has a cleaning task to complete at the end of the day. Even better, you can be a little creative with rewards to make sure they are motivated.

Use Special Solutions To Remove Ice Cream And Popsicle Stains

It’s hard to keep your kids or any adults from these summer treats. However, you will start regretting it with the colorful stains they leave on your furniture. Well, you can use a simple cleaning solution to remove the stains effortlessly. You can mix a cup of warm water with white vinegar and lemon juice. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe using circular motions to avoid any issues.

Set Up The Laundry Room For Success

A lot of messes during summer start with clothes and fabrics in your home. Make sure your laundry room has the right tools. You should purchase additional stain removal tools and separate your clothes by color. Even better, you can re-organize the laundry room to account for beach towels and dirty swimsuits.

Place An Outdoor Kit Near The Door

Make sure your kids are applying bug repellant or sunscreen when they go outside. To do so, place some of these outdoor essentials and other cleaning supplies by the door. It’s a good way to reduce the messes and keep the summer habits positive all through!

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