Preparation Tips To Clean Your Old Apartment


Preparing to move into your new apartment can be exciting, but at the same time exhausting. Before you start making plans on how you would like to decorate your new place, it is important to deal with move-out cleaning for your old one.

Unless you are well organized and you enjoy housekeeping, cleaning an apartment can be stressful. However, these tasks are necessary and in most cases getting your security deposit back will depend on it. Here is a list of 6 useful move-out cleaning tips you can use to make sure you get this task done right.

1. Create Your Move-Out Cleaning Plan

Time is usually one of the more important aspects of move-out cleaning for an apartment. You will usually only have a few days to ensure your old home is in tip-top shape before you can move into the new apartment. You also have to think about leaving sufficient time so that the landlord can conduct his or her own inspection in order to receive your security deposit back. Make sure your set deadlines that are manageable, so that you are able to complete all your cleaning tasks within a set timeframe. Write these deadlines down to give you a guideline of the progress you have made as you progress with these cleaning tasks.

2. Check On Your Lease Agreement

Certain apartments, particularly those found in historic districts and buildings, will prohibit using certain types of cleaning products. The landlord probably knows a lot more about these regulations, so avoid thinking about the use of restricted cleaning products and methods. You want to avoid damaging items such as pipes or flooring, as this could end up costing a lot more than just the security deposit you are trying to get back.

3. Keep In Mind The Spots That Are Easy To Forget

Your landlord will more than likely conduct a very thorough test of the apartment before you leave, and will usually check into every cranny and nook that might have slipped your mind. So when you create your customized cleaning checklist here are a few reminders to add to your list:

Apartment Cleaning Checklist

– Clean all the upper shelving in cabinets and closets

– Polish all the faucets in bathrooms and the kitchen

– Scour the wall and backsplash close to the area of the stove

– Dust the top of any baseboards, windowsills and ceiling fans

– Wipe the magnetic strips down on freezer and fridge doors

– Clear away any dust from a window or standing AC unit

– Empty the lint traps while wiping down dryers and washers

– Sweep and mop outdoors areas like steps or porches which are often very easy to overlook

4. Deep Clean The Carpets

If you have carpets in your old apartment that is long overdue for a deep clean, it is probably worth your while to conduct this task. Try to remove any stubborn stains before you begin this task and make sure each room is thoroughly vacuumed first. You can either rent a machine or do this job on your own. Yet if you are concerned about running out of time or damaging these carpets, it is probably a better idea to hire professional carpet-cleaning services.

5. Conduct One Last Sweep Using A Broom And Your Eyes

Make sure you look into every room to ensure you have not left any of your personal items behind in cabinets and closets. Now go through each room with your broom and sweep away any dirt or dust that may have accumulated while you moved out your boxes.

6. Recognize When You Need Extra Help

Cleaning an apartment takes hard work, and this task becomes even harder when you are trying to juggle preparing to move into your new home. In most cases, people do not have enough time to clean their old apartment properly. If you are stressed out by the time constraints, it is always a good idea to consider hiring the right cleaning services to do these jobs on your behalf. In many cases, hiring housekeeping services will cost you less than losing a good portion of your security deposit.

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