How To Clean Wooden Furniture


Many people have wooden furniture in their homes. That’s because wooden furniture has rich grains and sturdy designs that make your home cozy. However, you need to remove any sticky residues or layers of dust on your wooden furniture to keep it shiny and brand new. Here are some useful tips for maintaining wooden furniture and prolonging the lifespan.

What You Need To Know About Wooden Furniture

You can find wooden furniture in numerous online and physical stores globally. Also, many antique pieces of furniture are made from wood. However, most of the modern and affordable furniture available today is made from veneer or laminate and not actual wood.

Note that, some pieces of furniture have a manufacturer’s cleaning recommendation. Also, you can check online for the same. Don’t use the same maintenance instructions for your laminate task as those for your mahogany sideboard.

The Basics Of Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Most people use commercial cleaners or polish when preparing to care for their wooden furniture. However, these products will damage your furniture, especially if it is made from natural wood. That’s because each type of cleaner and polish has its own chemical ingredients.

Over time, these chemical interactions will make the finish quite sticky. Note that, lacquer finishes will absorb chemicals and water thus stripping the finishing completely. Therefore, the bare wood will be completely exposed to the chemicals in the cleaning products. Therefore, reduce your cleaning materials to avoid such consequences.

Tips For Cleaning Wooden Furniture

As mentioned, you need to avoid any chemical-based cleaners unless the manufacturer recommends them. However, here are some of the best tips for cleaning wooden furniture you should consider. It doesn’t matter the type of wood, these tips will make sure the furniture looks sleek and clean. Here are some of the cleaning requirements you need.

• Water

• Microfiber cloths

Start by using the dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust, fingerprints and smears on the wooden furniture. If there are any stick spots, you should apply some water to the microfiber cloth and remove the residue by applying a little pressure when using the cloth.

Keep in mind that the microfiber cloth should be a little damp and not wet. That way, you can avoid damaging the wood or the finish. Therefore, when you add some water, you should wring out the microfiber cloth for the best results.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Keeping your wooden furniture clean on a regular basis doesn’t take much. However, you need to do a few maintenance tips to make sure it’s properly maintained. Here are some of the best preventative maintenance tips you should know.

• Use trivets and placemats when serving hot meals.

• Place coasters under your drinks, whether hot or cold.

• Make sure any condensation rings or spills are wiped immediately.

With these preventative maintenance tips, you can keep your wooden furniture looking spick and span for a long time. Maid Clan can help keep it clean too. call us our cleaning services can help increase the lifespan of your wooden future