How To Clean Shower Door Tracks


You might have cleaned the walls in your shower and the doors, but have you remembered to clean the shower door tracks. If you forget to clean this part of the shower, don’t worry you are definitely not alone, as shower door tracks are often an easy part of the bathroom to overlook.

However, shower door tracks are known for collecting soap scum along with with other types unpleasant things. In addition, this area is also prone to mineral buildup caused by hard water which can stop your door from opening or closing. This is why you should be thinking about cleaning the tracks every time you clean the door and the walls.

If you would like to know how to clean aluminum tracks and shower-door frames, here is a list of a few DIY methods.

How To Clean Your Shower Door Tracks Using Vinegar

If you know about all-natural cleaning techniques, you probably already know how to use white vinegar and that it is effective for removing stains caused by hard water and soap scum. This is a useful ingredient to clean the tracks on the shower door.

You Will Need

Cotton balls

1/2 cup of white vinegar (distilled)

Old toothbrush or a grout brush

Spray bottle (filled with distilled water)

Microfiber cloth

Soak the cotton balls in vinegar and then apply the vinegar to the shower-door tracks. You should aim to get the tracks wet, but it is not necessary to flood the area. If you have tiled or stone floors, you need to take care during the application. Vinegar can cause irreparable damages to stone surfaces.

Allow the distilled vinegar to soak into the tracks for 3 to 5 minutes. Gently scrub the stains and soap scum using a grout brush or an old toothbrush. Spray the tracks with water to wash away the residue and the remaining vinegar. You may need to repeat the process if the tracks have not been cleaned for a long time.

Cleaning The Shower Door Tracks With A Steamer

Similar to vinegar, the canister steamers offer an effective way to clean without having to use chemicals.

You Will Need:

Microfiber cloths

Cannister steamer (with a wand attachment)

Plastic putty knife or spatula

Make sure you prepare the steamer according to the manufacturer’s instructions before you start cleaning. The wand on the steamer can be used to loosen stains and built-up dirt and grime.

Wrap your microfiber cloth around the putty knife or spatula. Use this tool to access the hard-to-reach crevices and edges. Make sure you apply enough pressure to lift out any buildup and nasty scum. Wipe the residue away with a new microfiber cloth.

Repeat this process until the tracks are clean and free from soapy buildup and water stains caused by hard water. Once you get the tracks on your shower door clean, it helps to wipe them down after every shower to make sure they stay clean. Maid Clan professionals can clean your shower door for you. You can call us for more information.