Get the Kids Involved With Spring Cleaning


Spring has arrived!  When you see flowers bursting with color and birds chirping their happy tunes, no doubt you also want your house to enjoy a fresh start through spring cleaning. However, if you have very young children at home, it can be a challenge to deep clean your house when they want to play in the area that you have just spent so much time cleaning.

At Maid Clan, our main focus is to help you get a good start in cleaning your house properly. It does not matter if you have just begun to clean out that closet that hasn’t be used in years or if you have no idea where to start. Our cleaning specialists are here to tailor our services to your needs so you can accomplish your spring cleaning goals.

From our many years in the business, we have gathered numerous tips and ideas on how to clean effectively with little children around. Here are some of our tried-and-true suggestions that are sure to help any busy parent get that clean house that they long for.

Spring Cleaning Solutions for Busy Parents

There is strength in numbers.

It is already a big challenge getting teenagers to clean their rooms or telling small kids to pick up their toys. However, with spring cleaning, you can turn cleaning chores into family activities that can be done together.

If there are small children around 4 to 5 years old, they can work along side a parent to clean things. For example, while the mother is scrubbing the bathtub, the child can wipe down the fixtures until they shine or sweep around the baseboards. Kids who are older can freshen up an entire room, or they can help out in the yard. Doing tasks together will get them done quicker, and kids will learn cleaning techniques along the way.

Make a game out of your cleaning goals.

Are your kids balking at the idea of spring cleaning? Why not make this into something fun, and entice them with a big surprise when all of this is done? The reward can be a meal at their favorite restaurant or a special trip to the amusement park.

Start by having the family agree on a cleaning goal, then divide the tasks into individual and shared responsibilities that will earn a small reward when the job is done thoroughly. This will motivate the kids to do well on their own individual assignments as well as encourage them to help each other get all of it done to earn that big reward.

Occupy them with interesting projects.

If crafting a family house cleaning plan will take too much of your time and effort, you can still keep your young children out of your way while keeping your eyes on them. Occupy them with an art activity, a game, or a playdate while the rest of the family cleans. Situate them in a safe area where you and older family members can check on them from time to time, or have an older, responsible sibling supervise them.

Ask a reliable person to babysit.

We know that kids can get loud and out of hand sometimes, and this can distract you from focusing on your important cleaning tasks. If you are almost at the end of your rope, consider asking a trusted adult to take them out for the day. The person can be a nanny, a relative, or a trusted friend. You will get a chance to focus your attention on cleaning while the kids go off on a grand adventure. Everybody will come out a winner!

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