Deep Cleaning Carpet Tips


We share the best cleaning supplies from time to time because we want to help you tackle everything you have on your checklist. Have you asked yourself why you get recommendations on using some cleaning supplies and tools over others? We are going to answer this question, and also breaking down some of the most common tools suggested versus the alternative. You might end up getting surprised on which of the two option works best.

Sponges vs. Microfiber Cloths\ Sponges can be magnets for germs, even if they are the cleanest and smell great. Since you don’t have any microscope you can use in looking at how clean a sponge is, you cannot tell whether it is clean or dirty. It is a good idea to choose a microfiber cloth. This is because it is way better when it comes to cleaning surfaces. You can wash it with a machine and it dries fast, which makes them less likely to be home to germs. If you cannot recall the last time you washed it, consider washing it before the spring cleaning work starts.

Brooms vs. Vacuums\ When you use a broom, all you are doing is pushing dirt and dust around the room instead of collecting it, this is why it is time to stop using a broom. Using a vacuum will prove to be a great choice. You should start by dusting off the vacuum. There is a good chance the HEPA filter has not been changed since it was bought. Clean the roller brush. You should not ignore important maintenance because it is going to have a lot of impact on the suction power of your vacuum, which makes it less effective when picking debris and dust, which leaves a lot of it behind.

Cleaner vs. Steamer (Floor)\ Some floor cleaners that are advertised as being able to do it all, but steamers are the best when deep cleaning the floors. If you have a steamer, you can use it as a very effective tool for spring cleaning because you can use it in removing stains from vinyl flooring or ceramic tile. Floor steamers can get hot where it kills bacteria that are hiding in hard to reach places such as tile grout. If you and your family had been affected by the flu seasons, then this could be the perfect way of getting rid of those germs for good.

Trusty Toilet Brush vs. Disposable Toilet WandsBrushes have the most desired task in the home. When people are done using them, they are put back on the holders, and they bring with them the dirty work. You should choose a more sanitary option such as disposable toilet wands. They have a better texture which comes in handy when scrubbing, and using these disposable wands means you are not going to have to deal with the unwanted grime in your bathroom.

Brand Name Glass Cleaner vs. DIY SolutionsPaper towels and store cleaners can be very expensive and they tend to be less effective when compared to DIY solutions made using things such as rubbing alcohol and vinegar.

If you find you aren’t able to clean this spring, consider calling a Maid Clan nearby that will help you clean your home and ensure it is as clean as possible. They come with the best supplies in the market too don’t hesitate to call us .