Clean Your Bathtub Like The Pros


Every bathtub requires weekly cleaning to ensure that mold, mildew and scum don’t build up. It also pays to develop good showering habits such as drying your tub with a towel after your shower. Water and mildew spots aren’t just hard to remove, but they can permanently mar the surface of your tub if you’re not careful. Additionally, it helps to know that rust forms in areas where water pools, so removing toys and bathmats is a great preventative measure.

You may wrongfully assume that all bathtubs are the same, but that’s never the case. Certain materials respond poorly to harsh chemicals. In fact, common household cleaners may destroy the tub liner and cause it to peel or corrode.

Cleaning Advice For Porcelain Tubs

Porcelain tubs are the easiest to clean as they respond well to most cleaning agents. Does your tub have any stubborn stains? If so, using a powder such as Comet or Ajax with bleaching properties can remedy the problem. Just mix the powder with water to form a paste. Scrub the tub with the paste and let it sit for 45 minutes before rinsing. In rare instances where the stain isn’t removed, porcelain sandpaper is a last resort option.

Cleaning Advice For Acrylic Tubs

Bathroom cleaners that don’t contain aerosol or abrasive chemicals are safe to use on acrylic bathtubs. Kaboom, 409 and Glass Plus are great options to consider. Keep in mind that Ajax and Comet are both abrasive and lead to irreversible liner damage. If you’re looking for something more natural, vinegar has great cleaning properties.

Cleaning Advice For Fiberglass Tubs

Non-abrasive cleaners should be used when cleaning fiberglass tubs. Liquid laundry detergent and dishwashing liquids are mostly safe for fiberglass, but baking soda and water form a great natural cleaning paste. Tough stains respond better if you let the paste sit for an hour on the affected regions. Acetone is a harsher chemical, but it helps remove paint stains or adhesive remainders— just use a cotton ball to apply!

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