Chores That Can Be Done In 10 Minutes


Do you think that 10 minutes doesn’t give you enough time to improve your home in any noticeable way?  In those idle amounts of time that you are scrolling through your feeds on social media, you could make some significant progress on getting those nagging maintenance chores that you haven’t thought out or have been putting off for a very long time.

1. Clean the blades on your ceiling fan

How to do it: To clean the blades on your ceiling fan at a standard height of the ceiling, first put on a baseball cap and then get up on a stepladder to wipe each blade off. For high ceilings, a ceiling-fan duster can be used that is attached to an extension.

How frequently: Once every other season, or every six months

2. Clean out the garbage disposal

How to do it: Empty 2-4 ice cube trays into your sink while allowing the cold water to run. Feed the cubes into the disposal quickly to break them up. Allow the water to keep running for one month until the last cube has disintegrated.

How frequently: Once per month

3. Clean the coils on the refrigerator

How to do it: Unplug your refrigerator and unsnap the grill to get to the refrigerator coils to clean them. Vacuum out accumulated dirt, dust, or hair. Coil cleaning brushes are frequently sold at hardware stores that can help to loosen debris.

How frequently: Once every 3-6 months

4. Empty out or change your vacuum bag

How to do it: Run your vacuum for 30 seconds at least to make sure all of the dirt is filtered inside of the bag. If the bags are the disposable type, put duct over the bag’s hole to prevent the dirt from escaping and replace it. If the vacuum has a reusable bag or pin, take it off and dump all of the dust into the garbage. Use hot water to rinse it out and then put it back on the vacuum cleaner.

How frequently: If you have pets or kids, once per month. Otherwise, less often.

5. Rotate the mattresses on your beds

How to do this: Take all of the bedding and sheets off. Vacuum the top of the mattress using your upholstery attachment. For even wear, rotate your mattress from head to toe.

How frequently: Once every six months

6. Change your HVAC air filters

How to do this: Take out your old furnace filter and then slide in a clean, new air filter. Be sure it is facing in the right direction according to the colors or arrows that are on the filer’s front and back sides.

How frequently: once every 1-3 months, depending on the filter

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