Are Plastic Shower Curtains Washable?


Do you clean your plastic shower liner or curtain even though you clean your shower or bathroom regularly? For most individuals, the clear answer is that they don’t do it as regularly. It is even possible that you replace plastic shower curtains whenever they start showing signs of dirt if you do not even know that they can be cleaned.

You will be happy to know that plastic shower curtains are actually easy to wash. Avoid having to replace your plastic shower curtains every few months by reading through the tips on how to clean them, listed below.

Start By Pre-treating The Curtains

To prevent a horrible residue on your shower curtains caused by scum and soap, start by pre-treating them.  

Add a small amount of distilled white vinegar to the water in your washing machine and run new plastic shower curtains through the rinse cycle before you hang them. To avoid melting the plastic material, remember to set the water to warm, instead of hot. One of the best ways to ensure that the temperature setting is as it should be is to check on the curtains after they’ve spent a few minutes in the machine.

Dry the cleaned shower liner or curtain by hanging it on the shower curtain hanging rod after the rinse cycle is done. With this pre-treatment process, your shower curtain will last longer without staining than an untreated one.   

Shower Curtain Washing Procedure

Washing a shower curtain can be done in two effortless ways.

Machine Washing Your Shower Curtain

Mix in a gentle laundry detergent, baking soda or vinegar with warm water in your laundry machine and use it to wash a dirty or stained plastic shower curtain. Remember to only use one of the cleaners mentioned above! All of the listed cleaners should not be used at the same time. This will ensure that you do not use your washing machine to conduct a dangerous chemical experiment. Dry the cleaned plastic shower curtain on the shower curtain rod afterwards.  

Hand-washing Your Shower Curtain

It is also possible for you to use a microfiber cloth and baking soda to clean your plastic shower curtain. Sprinkle some baking soda over a damp microfiber cloth. Go to the shower curtain and then scrub it thoroughly, all over, using the cloth. Use warm water to rinse off the cleaning solution after you are done scrubbing the curtain, and if you see any remaining stains, use the baking soda and cloth to scrub them off completely. Repeat the rinsing and scrubbing routine until all stains are gone. Your bathroom will have a clean and fresh scent after this cleaning routine as an added bonus!  

Shower Curtain Cleaning Frequency

You should wash your plastic shower curtain more often than you think is necessary. This is considering the fact that on a daily basis, you come into contact with your plastic shower liner or curtain. Basically, you should clean it on a monthly basis. You should be able to wash it on a quarterly basis (after every 3 months) at the very least. Now that you know how to clean your plastic shower curtain, it shouldn’t take you long to do it and cleaning it 4 to 12 times every 12 months should be fairly possible.  

Even though cleaning mildew off your plastic shower curtain is totally different, you can use the above tips to keep your shower curtain completely free of stains caused by soap and scum deposits. Do not worry if you have seen mildew on your plastic or even cloth shower curtain. To ensure that you wash up in peace, use these tips to clean mildew off your shower curtain.

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