Agency vs Private Maids vs Cleaning Company Denver House Cleaning Services


At Maid Clan, we believe in a win-win-win business model. By operating as a Domestic Referral Agency, we are able to offer our clients an affordable cleaning and offer the cleaners a fair and livable income opportunity.


Here are six reasons why working with an agency benefits your family and your cleaners:

  1. Screened and Vetted

    • We only work with the best cleaners. In order to work with Maid Clan, all cleaners need to have two or more years of professional cleaning experience, pass a background check, provide 3 personal and three professional references, as well as bring their own supplies and equipment. Maid Clan’s cleaners are listed as the best cleaners in Denver! You can find the list here:
  2. Replacement Cleaners

    • One of the benefits of working with an agency is we have a long roster of cleaners so if your cleaner is unavailable, out sick, or on vacation, we are able to rematch you with a substitute cleaner.
  3. Power in Numbers

    • Our clients generate a quality filtering process. In order to stay registered with our agency, cleaners must be continually requested back by clients. If a cleaner is not requested back by clients on multiple occasions, we are less inclined to offer referral jobs to that cleaner.
  4. Low Overhead & Prices

    • As an agency, we partner with independent cleaning professionals who are already in the industry and have been trained for many years working in private homes, have their own vehicles and cleaning supplies. We pass those savings on directly to you.
  5. Cleaners Paid Better

    • When working with Maid Clan Referral Agency, cleaners are paid a mixed majority percentage of the job and because each job is properly calculated by our system going off the national standard calculation, our cleaners are always fairly compensated for the work.
  6. Choose Their Schedule

    • As part of the registration process, we ask the cleaners what their schedule availability is. This ensures that they’re able to pick up their kids or tend to whatever matters are important to them having a work/life balance

Our goal is to live a fulfilling life; to have more time with our family and our friends. It’s designed to be a win-win-win when you choose Maid Clan to clean, you’re supporting a harmonious working community.