How to Keep The Dustiest Areas In Your Home Clean


Do you live in a home full of dust? Many people do but fail to realize it. Dust is insidious. Slowly and surely, it builds up until it becomes thick and annoying.

Most probably, you don’t want to get to this point, do you? Fortunately, Maid Clan can help you out with some free advice. Let’s see some of the spots that tend to accumulate a lot of dust and learn how to keep them neat.

Bookshelves And Mantels

The are among the most cluttered places in a home. This is where you tend to pile up your photos, various decor items, and even unopened mail. You may already know that clutter is a huge dust magnet. Keep your clutter at the bare minimum and you’ll already improve the situation a great deal. Furthermore, don’t overlook dusting your mantels and bookshelves every week, during your regular home cleanings. For best results, avoid using wood and furniture polishes, as they usually create a thin film which attracts a lot of dust. Just wipe down these surfaces with a microfiber cloth and you should be fine.

The Top Of Your Fridge And The Coils Behind It

If you have a tall refrigerator, chances are you never think about its top surface. Well, dust loves this particular area and it loves to accumulate here, since there’s nothing to disturb it. The same applies to the coils that are located behind or under your fridge. Always keep the top of your fridge clear of clutter and clean. Wipe it down weekly or at least monthly. In addition, unplug your fridge and clean its coils at least once a year. If you need a professional cleaning, contact Maid Clan to learn more about our refrigerator cleaning service.

Light Fixtures And Ceiling Fans

The best thing about cleaning ceiling fans is that you can just put them on high speed to make the dust on their blades fly away. Or is it? The problem is that you’ll help spreading the dust all over the room. Besides, your fan isn’t going to become spotless clean after that. As for your light fixtures, you can easily see that stubborn dust piling up on them. Consider learning how to clean ceiling fans, light fixtures and other such difficult-to-reach places. If you clean them regularly, you won’t have to put up with heavy dust any longer.

Carpets And Rugs

Regardless of how good your carpet looks, keep in mind that it is one of the dusty areas in your home. Make sure you vacuum your rugs and carpets regularly. If you live in a busy home, with pets and children, you have to do do this more frequently. Furthermore, make sure you know the proper method of cleaning them, in order to get rid of any dust bunnies.

Heavy Dust Build Up Prevention

Proper prevention should ease your work a lot, as you won’t have to clean heavy dust more than once or twice a year. Do you want to know the secret? Stick to your regular cleaning schedule! The more often you dust all surfaces, the less prone they will be to accumulating a thick layer of dust. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to move your fridge and clean it thoroughly every week. Nonetheless, maintaining a housekeeping routine will help you spend less time and energy you’ll spend dusting your house.

Is your busy schedule preventing you from being able to clean your house as often as you’d like? Let us help you! Our housekeeping professionals can handle your house cleaning, so that you can come back to a fresh and spotless home after a hard day at work.

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