7 Ways A Hand Vacuum Can Make Home Cleaning Faster


Are your arms tired from dragging your large vacuum around? Biggest isn’t always better. Cordless hand vacuums let you clean up those small messes, and reach those tight corners, without straining your arms. They may not be able to replace your large vacuum for cleaning your carpets, but they win when it comes to small jobs around your home.

Here are 7 places a rechargeable hand vacuum is better than your regular vacuum. A few of them might even surprise you.

1. Your Stairways

You don’t realize how heavy your vacuum is until you try to haul it up and down the stairs. Then halfway up the stairs, you notice it isn’t cleaning deeply into the edges. A hand vacuum makes cleaning your stairs easy. It is lightweight, reaches into every edge and corner, plus gets the job done fast.

2. Windowsills, Door Tracks, Baseboards, and Corners

When is the last time you cleaned your windowsills? Your sills, sliding door tracks, baseboards, and corners fill-up with dust and look nasty. You can try using the hose on your regular vacuum, but wouldn’t it be faster and easier to use a cordless hand vac? You can use the crevice and brush tools to clean up these tight areas in a few moments.

3. Curtains, Blinds, And Drapes

In the ideal world, you would have time to take down your curtains and drapes and have them professionally cleaned. The problem is, we live in the real world. You want to get rid of that dust buildup without pulling everything down. A cordless hand vacuum makes it easy. Put the brush attachment on the hand vac and a few minutes later your curtains and shades look great.

4. Lampshades and Light Fixtures

Guests are on their way. You flip on the lights and see cobwebs hanging from your light fixtures. Quick, grab your cordless rechargeable hand vacuum, put on the brush attachment, and eliminate those cobwebs and dust. You can have all the fixtures and lampshades cleaned in a few minutes. (Safety Note: If you use a ladder to reach your light fixtures, have someone steady your ladder for safety.)

5. Bedding Emergency

It is bedtime. You walk into your child’s room, flip back the sheet, and find a bed filled with crumbs. Your cordless hand vacuum can get the bed freshened up for the night, so you can wait to wash the bedding tomorrow. Kids are notorious for getting sand, crumbs, and dirt in their beds. Your hand vac makes sure you can keep the bed fresh between washings.

6. Under, Beside, and Behind Your Appliances

Take a quick glance behind your oven, beside your refrigerator, and under your toaster. Yuck. Crumbs have a magical way of hiding in all of those hard to reach places. Double check to make sure the area is dry, then use your cordless hand vacuum to suck up all of those crumbs. You can have the job done faster than you can pull out your big vacuum.

7. Bookcases, Shelves, and Cabinets

Dusting isn’t hard until you need to pull down all the plates and glasses, unload the bookcase, and set aside the knick-knacks. Your cordless hand vacuum can help. Use the brush attachment and quickly suck away the dust. It lets you cut down how often you need to do an in-depth dusting session.

Don’t feel like your cordless hand vacuum can get the job done? Maybe it is time to call for a little help. We can help you bust the dust. Call Denver House Cleaning Services, we can take care of your cleaning, so you can relax.