5 Benefits of Making Your Bed


Is making the bed each morning a priority for you? Some of us excel at making the bed every day while others find it a more difficult task. In fact, some may feel as if they are just going to get right back into bed at the end of the day – so why make it? If this is how you feel, it turns out that there is some logic behind tidying up the space where you snooze each morning. Take a look at five reasons why you should make your bed:

1. It’s Easy and Looks Kept

Making your bed should be a task that takes no more than five minutes. And what’s more, your bedroom will look much more presentable. Not only will the appearance of your bed be pleasing to your eye, but you will also be much more ready for unexpected guests.

2. A Neat Bed Really Sets the Tone of the Home

When you see how lovely a made bed looks, it will be much more likely that you will want to tackle other parts of your home and straighten them up, as well. Neatness tends to carry from room to room. This is especially true when you consider that most tasks that need attention in the home take little time to complete.

3. Making the Bed Can Boost Your Productivity and Your Mood

Starting your day off with an accomplishment is a great way to set the mood for the day. Even something as small as making your bed can light a fire within you and aid you in scratching everything off of your to-do list. And what’s more, you will be able to turn in for the night into a space that is chaos-free. There is simply nothing better than climbing into a neatly-made bed at the end of a great and productive day.

4. It Promotes Better Rest

Making your bed each morning helps you to get better, more restful sleep at night. A more relaxing and neat environment can help to set your mind at ease, making it easier to catch some z’s.

5. Making Your Bed Protects Against Dust

While you still need to turn your attention toward dusting your home regularly, making the bed does mean that you will have less dust settling in underneath your covers. When you leave your bed unmade, the dust begins to accumulate on whatever is left bare to the environment. So making your bed each morning can guard against unnecessary illness and allergies. This is especially true if there are animals in the home.

In conclusion, while it may be a task that is not everyone’s favorite, making the bed each morning will benefit you in these five ways.

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