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Getting Started

What do I do to prepare for my house cleaning?

You can do as much or as little preparation for the cleaners, however it will keep costs low if the home is picked up for the cleaners to get straight to work upon their arrival.

Pricing & Policies

Why does the first cleaning cost more?

The cleaning professional is new to your home and is getting acquainted to the layout- they expect that the first cleaning will require more effort for any home starting a new service, and this may also result in the use of extra cleaning products. Once the first cleaning is done, you’ll benefit from the lower prices because your cleaner is able to continue to upkeep on a regular basis.


What is your cancellation/reschedule policy

Cancellations require 48 hours advance notice to avoid a 25% of amount booked cancellation fee. Any appointment cancellation not made before 4:00pm the business day before the appointment will be charged the FULL cleaning price.

Please consider how late cancellations may negatively impact the cleaning professionals earning potential for the day. Without enough notice, it’s difficult for us to find replacement cleanings.

Trust & Safety

How will the cleaner access my home if I’m not home?

That’s completely up to you. You can give us a garage code, you can leave the door open, or you can have a lock box on site. We’ve seen the lock box works best since you can change the code when a new cleaner is matched to your home.

Cleaning Professionals

Will I get the same house cleaner each visit?

Yes. However if your cleaner needs the day off for a doctors’ appointment or is sick, we will reach out to see if you’d like to be rescheduled to another day when they’re available or if you prefer to request a different cleaner for the day currently scheduled. If your cleaner is no longer available permanently, then we’re able to match you with a different cleaner seamlessly. That’s the benefit of working with an agency.

Are the professionals who service my property Maid Clan employees?

Maid Clan is a referral agency for house cleaning and home services. The domestics we work with are independent workers. Maid Clan is not the employer of the domestic worker it referred to you.

Do the cleaners bring their supplies, or do I need to provide them?

Yes, although you’re welcome to provide a different product you prefer or arrange with the cleaner different preferences you may have.

Am I required to pay tips to the cleaners? How do I do that?

While cleaners appreciate gratuities, it is not a requirement. But if you wish to tip, you can include it in your payment. Just log into your account or contact us.